Sunday, December 18, 2011

An early Christmas present :)

These may not look like pretty packages tied with bows but they might as well be in my eyes.... Yup, that's right we are officially moving! :D
This is how my conversation with my hubby went this Wednesday:
Me: Hey honey! how 's your day going ? (he was working that day and I hadn't heard from him in a couple of hours)
B: *in a tired, sad voice* I just got off the phone with my future supervisor and it turns out that its gonna take a lot longer to transfer than what we thought.
(my heart sinks at hearing this)
Me: Oh really honey? well, its okay we'll figure things out. How long will we be waiting? (I'm thinking six months, a year.)
B: They want me to start two days after Christmas.
B: *laughs* So are you gonna be ready to move in seven days?

That's right people! we will be attempting to move in seven days from one state to another. I am so stressed but excited about everything! I can't say how much this is a God thing. Not only will B's last 24 hour shift be next Wednesday (giving him almost a whole week off, ie: we will have Christmas Eve AND Christmas together. Eeeeek! :D), we will be moving out of our current rental RIGHT before we have to pay for another month! AND we will be with my wonderful, beautiful family this Christmas and New Year's! I just can't stop smiling :)
We now have about four and half more days to finish packing and cleaning. Gosh there is so much to do! I haven't even come close to finishing my Christmas shopping so it looks like I'll be getting the day before Christmas; but its all going to be worth it!
We had just bought and set up our Christmas tree when we found out we were moving; it isn't even decorated yet haha well, we hung one ornament. The one we bought in Disney on our honeymoon. We felt bad not having any decorations on it lol.

Our little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! haha
I'm really happy that we decided to get our first ornament in Disney World while we were there (even though I was for sure it would be broken en transit) its so us and it makes me smile when I see it on our tree :)
I can't believe that next week is Christmas!! this month has gone by sooo fast. Almost a month from now we will be celebrating our first anniversary :D
I'm seventeen weeks today and my appetite just keeps getting bigger! I seriously think I could give a teenage boy going through a growth spurt a run for his money tee hee ;) I am trying my best to reach for the most healthy choices, being mindful of chemicals and such in our food. I don't like to brag but B and I have pretty much perfected homemade pizzas. We choose to make a wheat flour crust and top with lots of veggies.
Last time we were at the grocery store, however, we happened upon turkey pepperoni; I was so excited! (anything that has to do with food nowadays makes me excited haha) so we added that this time. Also, we usually top with a blend of Italian cheeses but this time all we had was cheddar in our fridge so we used that instead. Gave a different flavor but it was still yummy (makes me hungry just talking about it!) it may not be perfect looking but it tastes amazing. We both find it relaxing getting in the kitchen and making things. I have been surprised at how much we actually cook together. I really like that because its about another hour out of the day that we get to spend quality time together. I'm glad that our tastes are similar also.
I am also thankful that we made one of our last visits to B's brother and his wife's place (they live an hour from us) as they are planning on moving out of state as well, and across country. So seeing them again is going to be a yearly thing instead of a monthly/bi-weekly thing. I'm really sad about this :( but we had a sweet time celebrating B's birthday and our niece's 2nd birthday while we were there.

Tomorrow (or I should say today, its like one in the morning lol) is our last day at our church. That is another thing that I am sad about. We have such an amazing church. I spent many weeks praying that God would guide us to a church family that would take us in and encourage us and He definitely answered that prayer! its also gonna be sad to say goodbye to our new friends and our little town but we are super excited for what's ahead. It will be such a blessing to be closer to my family and Bobby is excited about his new job. This year has been crazy hectic but filled with wonderful memories. I am so thankful for God's hand in our lives and all of His provision. And even though we have had some tough things going on this year too I am thankful for how its brought my husband and I closer together. He is my biggest blessing. This may be my last blog post until the new year depending on how long it takes us to get settled in but I will be back! :) I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas and happy New Year! see ya soon!