Friday, September 28, 2012

Random, boring update ;)

Haven't really had time to update lately with the baby and everything but I am trying hard to do better, I promise ;) 
We have really been trying to get our house in order since we moved in and really weren't able to get unpacked before S was born. Things are starting to come together and it really has made things more cozy since we are finally putting boxes away and settling into a routine :) 
Things have been busy lately around here, and with B's work. I think that he has gotten suicide calls like every week. One successful and others not. He was cussed at by one for doing his job and keeping em' alive. Didn't phase him though ;)
He goes in for some special training soon that involves drilling things into people's bones and freezing them. Not at the same time. But for different reasons. Sounds disturbing to me but he is excited about it lol I can see why he really loves his job. He saves people and learns cool/gross ways to patch people up haha! 

On another note we have a creature in our attic. We have already had to call a trapper to get a raccoon out about six or seven months ago and thought we had boarded up the place pretty good. Apparently not. It's really annoying because the thumping wakes me up at night and once caused me to call the police when I thought someone was breaking into our house (yeah). I guess it's finding a way to get in on the roof or something. Our neighbors across the street said they have caught about eight raccoons on their property this year and said they are really bad in this neighborhood. Yay! just our luck. Not! 

But we did discover our local farmer's market and it is amazing! (how's that for a segue?)  It's really important to us to stay healthy and active so we were sooo happy to find someplace we could buy fresh produce, milk, and meat. A Mennonite family sells plain, chocolate, and strawberry whole milk there and the chocolate is to die for! I have gone through almost half a gallon in a week lol. There is also another Mennonite family that sells homemade donuts right next to the milk guy and this last time I begged (well, not really begged he kinda can read my mind and when I looked at the fresh hot donuts and then turned to him he was already smiling that smile and making his way to the table. Gosh, I love that man!) B to get me one and it was Ah-mazing. It was the size of my baby's head I kid you not. And my child has a big noggin like her daddy ;) I can't wait until we can start doing something like that. We are trying our hardest to get debt free so we can buy some land and make our own little farm :) B is a country boy all the way and is itching to get out of the city. I hope we can soon! 

Another thing we are trying now is Crossfit. The guys at the station introduced it to B and he is addicted now.

It's crazy the stuff that they can do. Now that he is doing it I can see a big change in him. I've always found my hubby *ahem* attractive but man he was getting too good looking! lol so I decided that I need to step up and get back in shape after this baby weight gain. Right now we are doing it at home but they just opened a fitness center here that teaches the methods and we are pretty excited about it.

 I want to be able to do that lol and feel as good as those ladies look.

Tomorrow is the last day of his set and then we get some much needed down time. I'm hoping to make a big celebratory breakfast to mark our four day weekend together; trying to be adventurous and step outside of my typical eggs and toast routine ;) but my husband didn't marry me because I could cook, so hopefully he won't back out now ;D 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Insert clever title ----> here

I am currently snuggled on top of a mound of clothes in our guest bedroom, trying not to wake my four-month old up while writing this. I think it's been here (the pile of clothes) since she was born; B always gets this dazed look on his face when he asks me if I've washed his socks or shirts and I reply, "It's on the bed." Haha I hate to say it but folding laundry is not high on my priority list right now. We FINALLY cleaned out our kitchen and got my stove top to sorta work so I am cooking like a normal person now. Plus, I am coming down with a cold. I hate being sick. And everyone around me hates it when I'm sick because I am the worst patient lol. And I reeeeeaaally hope that S doesn't catch it :/ 

So we did a lot of traveling for the labor day weekend (labor day right? because I said memorial day and my husband laughed at me. My brain after four months postpartum =mush) we drove all the way to Kentucky for a wedding and then an hour south for a cookout with my family. It was so much fun and really good for us to get out. To be honest we have kind of been shut ins since the baby was born. The other day B said that he missed spending alone time with me, I hope we can make that happen soon cause I miss it too :( 
But she is a cutie though....

She did great on the car ride. I was so scared that she was going to be screaming half the time but she slept like a good girl and only babbled a little during the ceremony when we got there :) I feel so old. Everyone I know is getting married and having kids. We stayed at a hotel on the way back home and I was rudely woken up that night by a bunch of thuds and loud obnoxious voices laughing and joking. We were lucky enough to get a room next to half of a boys soccer team. Oh joy. I laid there for a while hoping they would settle down but when 1 o'clock rolled around I'd had enough and knew I was already gonna be grumpy enough now waking up with her in the morning. So I was the mean old lady that called the front desk and got them in trouble. Sorry boys, one day you WILL value sleeping above everything precious in life. When you go through college, get married, and have a bunch of little rugrats running around like you, you'll wonder why you ever stayed up late for FUN. Wow. I really am old. Speaking of sleep. I'm going to take some cold medicine and see if I can settle down. Ugh if I could just have a maid around for one day, one day.....