Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello, my name is unreliable blogger....

Has it really been over two months since I posted? *Sigh* it has. But I have a good excuse, I promise! 
After my DH was offered a job at his desired location he had to go through a month of orientation, and all of his licenses had to be renewed as well. So between his yearly refresher courses and new staff orientation I saw him for about 3 hours every night before bed for a month. And that was about it. And it sucked. After all of that we were able to recoup-orate for a couple of weeks before all of the other craziness ensued: DH bringing home a chocolate lab puppy he found (I told him yesterday she was way too perky for me and he laughed), a family medical crisis, our living situation becoming uncertain, colds all around, baby girl cutting TWO teeth and me having ALL of my wisdom teeth extracted. Awesome right? 
On a happy note: we might be closing on our first home! :D I am super excited about this. In fact, my eyes are bloodshot at the moment from my almost 2 hour Pinterest session looking at different home decor ideas lol. I should be sleeping now but night time is the only time that I get to myself, and I needed some me time. 

Wanna hear my funny story about my surgery experience? Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway ;) 

I've had severe jaw pain and tooth aches for the past almost six months. I finally decided to change dentists and he referred me to an oral surgeon. This is how my visit went:

<Oral Surgeon enters room>
OS: You need your wisdom teeth removed.
Me: Oh, really? All of them?
OS: Yes, I'm afraid all of them. Look at this.
<Pulls high tech device from ceiling that has my X-ray on a digital screen>   
OS: All of them are either partially impacted or fully impacted and this one is facing your back tooth horizontally.
Me: Oh. 

After a few more minutes of him explaining what would happen if I had them extracted I had to watch a short video that explained all of the risks of the surgery so they wouldn't be liable. If you knew me you would know that I should have never been forced to watch a five minute, cheesy video of how I could die during the procedure or be handicapped by it. A nurse came in after it was finished to walk me to the front and she apologized for the video saying, "We just try to scare you." Then I got to make my appointment and was informed of the amount my insurance would not cover for the procedure. I nearly passed out right there. So, leaving the office all I could see were $$ signs and then I crumbled into my hubby's arms when I returned home sobbing that "I wouldn't make it out alive." To which he patted my head and replied, "You'll be fine." Comforting huh? lol

Fast forward to the day of my surgery. I'm nervous as all get out. DH drove me there as it was required for him to be present the whole time in the building and to drive me home. The nurse who took care of me was amazing. She really helped me relax and did an excellent job starting my IV. We were chatting and I guess I wasn't falling asleep fast enough (I have a tendency to talk a lot when I get nervous so I wasn't really breathing in the gas.) because when the doctor came in he made a funny comment on our conversation and injected something into my IV line and I was OUT. And when I woke up it was truly the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. I couldn't focus, and it was like everything was in clips. I still have spots that are missing in the time period of me leaving the building because I was that out of it. So when I "woke up" I could tell I was in a wheel chair, and someone had put my coat on. I couldn't focus on anything until I heard my hubby call my name and tell me everything was alright and he was taking me home and then I remember seeing his hand take mine and then I was in the car and we were driving. He was talking to me but I couldn't focus on anything, I remember telling him that too lol. Then we were stopped (I didn't know at the time we were in the pharmacy drive-thru) and like an out of body experience I saw my hand open the door and I heard my hubby ask, "Do you feel sick?" I remember thinking why is he asking me that? because I literally couldn't feel anything in my body. Like I don't even know how my brain told my arm to move. Next thing I see is a flash of red and asphalt. He told me later that I threw up blood all over the pharmacy drive thru lane and since I was half hanging out of the car he had to get out of his side and come around, take his shirt and wipe my face while putting me back in the car. I'm sure it was an interesting sight for all the witnesses in the line behind us. After that we arrived home and he carried me inside (its pouring rain the whole time by the way) and I vaguely remember sitting on our couch, asking if it was over. DH told me later that he was instructed to change my gauze every fifteen minutes for an hour before I could lay down and I kept trying to pull the gauze out of my mouth lol. I guess I was one of those patients ;) After an hour he carried me to bed where I passed out and slept for four hours straight. He checked on me every ten minutes almost to make sure I was still breathing lol. When I woke up I was in control of my senses again. It was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced in my life. My hubby lamented that I had instructed him to not video me after the procedure, as I was "Pretty hilarious and looked like I was high on drugs." Which he should know, he deals with enough people like that I guess lol. The next day the right side of my face was swollen up like I had been in a street fight, and I could only open my mouth so far. So glad I don't have to do that again! But I'm really thankful my husband was there to take care of me. 

And now a week and a half later I am up at almost 2 in the morning writing when I should be sleeping. Sorry it's been so long but that's life sometimes I guess.

Until next time! Peace out,