Monday, April 23, 2012

Everyday bliss :)

B and I have been busy these past couple of weeks getting the baby room finished :D it's been so sweet having this time together to prepare for our little person. Having it done (except for curtains and a couple of little things) made it so much more real. We can't believe that we are going to be parents! lol I'm kind of tired so this post will be more of photos then anything but I like to document happenings.

 Many of my family members protested when we informed them that we weren't going to find out the baby's gender. It did pose a challenge when thinking of decorating ideas but I love this shade of green we found! this is the closet with little clothes and accessories :)

This is an old wardrobe that belonged to my grandmother. It is one of my favorite pieces in the house and I really didn't want to move it. So we are going to use it to store diapers, towels, and other odds and ends in the room.
Of course we also had to put the baby bed together :) I told B it was his rite of passage into fatherhood assembling it lol. Look at how he reads instructions:
Wish I was that flexible lol I had to take this pic cause I thought its was too funny to pass up.

He did a great job! :D

So he finally got his shift that we had been praying for (praise the Lord!). Things have been so much better after him starting this new one, things finally feel normal again! Never thought 24 hour shifts would be normal to us but they actually work out better and we are able to see each other more than when he was working mon-thurs. I was also able to seize the opportunity to nab him for some maternity pictures. My little sis was kind enough to take them for us, and did a great job!

ah loved them all! would put more on here but the pics are a bigger size since she has a way better camera than I do, therefore it is taking forever to load them on here. I look huge though right? lol B and I have been getting a kick out of everyone that we run into; whether it be the grocery store, the mall or at the park. People are always commenting on my belly and saying congrats, makes me smile :)
You know, I think just the little everyday things are truly the happiest moments of our lives. Though a single afternoon may seem insignificant at the time, those little moments add up to a lifetime. And I fully intend on getting better at cherishing every moment!
Enjoy YOUR everyday moments and be sure and tell us about your special memories :)


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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your nursery is adorable! Love that shade of green. We didn't find out the gender either with our children and it was a wonderful surprise! I love those maternity pics. You look so beautiful! Congrats to your husband for getting shift he wanted. What a blessing!