Friday, March 30, 2012

No title, really

Hey everyone! yes, we are still alive and yes I do plan keeping up with the blog after the baby is born haha. I am just trying to find out how to do that with all the crazy things that are going. But things are starting to slow down and I'm hoping to get some blogging and other things done before the baby is born :)
I also am thinking about changing the look of my blog. Anybody have any suggestions or tips? I'm not great at computer stuff so any help would be great!
Well, have to go for now! hope to update again soon!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Time is passing; so quickly!

I know it's been weeks and weeks since I have posted but I am still waiting for things to slow down a little bit here. We are finally getting some real progress on the house going. B is refinishing the floors this weekend (praise the Lord! :) so that we can finally get our living room furniture actually in the living room and not one of the spare rooms haha. After that it will be a whirlwind of activity as we start setting up the rooms and such. Hopefully everything will be done before the baby arrives! *fingers crossed* 
I have been searching for the past two weeks for my camera charger and I cannot find it. It's driving me crazy because there are pics I want to take and post here :/ hopefully I kind find it in all this chaos so I don't have to go buy me a new one. 
Well, this is a very short update because there is lots to be done right now. Maybe by the end of this week I will have time to really write!