Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So many reasons to be thankful :)

November has definitely been a crazy month for us. I feel like I've had to make a lot of adjustments concerning our scheduled events for B's work and family stuff. Things have been kind of hard too. I feel like this is a season of trials and waiting on the Lord. Even though its tough and scary it has really made me realize how much I am blessed. I have to admit that I found more reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving than all the other times in my life when things were going great. Funny how that works huh? 

To elaborate a little bit without having to go into too much detail, here is the short version:
B had a scare at work that I still ask to be lifted up in prayer, hard times in both our families and I've had some bumps in the road of pregnancy. The last has been probably the most stressful (I fell down my stairs a couple of weeks ago and have been plagued with some really bad headaches) since I worry about the baby. I'm ready to have him or her here so that I can see them and know that they are well. 

But things are starting to work themselves out and I'm trusting that God knows what He is doing. I am just so thankful for all of the provisions that we have and for B and my family. I love them all dearly.

Thanksgiving was great! had an amazing week with family; so happy that we were able to be with them for a week :) aaaaaaaand we are beginning to see the emergence  of my baby bump :D

I don't know if its very easy to see in this pic it sort of shrunk when I downloaded it on here. 

Other exciting news. It looks like we are getting transferred closer to my family which will be great when the baby is born; such a blessing!! I haven't said much to anyone about it because it seemed too good to be true but it looks like things are falling into place. We even have a house that we have been working on and have moved a few boxes already :) 

The house needed to be cleaned out and repainted 

So after a few weeks of working on it 

We are now finally starting to see some progress

We ripped up the carpet and now have beautiful hardwood :)

This room is going to be our bedroom, I love the color!

I am so excited about moving in!

It will be nice when things settle down a little bit (I don't know if that happens in real life but its nice to think about lol) until then I feel kinda in limbo with trying to pack but being unsure of when things will be final. But out of all the craziness going on this is one things that I am really enjoying :) 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rodeo, cookout, and strange, strange cravings

This was a fun weekend. Even though I had a headache that hung around for a few days I had a really good time relaxing and hanging out with my honey. Evidently Kentucky hosts a large livestock show and rodeo every year in November. Since I've never been to a rodeo before we decided to drive out and see it. I wasn't sure what to expect but we ended up having a blast!
They had a lot more people competing than I thought. Some of them had won over a million dollars during their times in competitions! 

This was one of my favorite parts; the barrel racing. I took riding lessons for a couple of years and I would have loved to do something like this.  (I'm not sure if these videos will work or not).

The bullriding was very cool to see too. I would NEVER dream of getting on the back of a 2,000 pound animal and let it throw me around all over the place. But to each his own, and I have to admit that it is pretty entertaining. 

In the corner there is all the little calves that they used for roping. They were adorable and I was able to pet one :) 

I would definitely go again next year :) 
They also had a huge flea market type store set up there with all kinds of western and country apparel and gifts. We were finally able to pick up a pair of boots for B. After months of searching and waiting for them I'm glad he was able to find a good pair at a really good price. He hasn't been able to stop talking about them since then. It's so adorable; like a kid on Christmas day lol. He also surprised me this week with breakfast and flowers. <3 I love him :))) 

A pic of my favorite present this week and his favorite present this week ;) 
We had a pretty busy weekend. Our Sunday school class had a cookout the day after the rodeo and the day before his 24 shift. It was a lot of fun though just hanging out and playing games after a good cookout meal. Hopefully there will be more of those this year!

I've been keeping my hubby pretty entertained lately with my food cravings; Parmesan cheese, pickles, cinnamon rolls, power aid. You know, normal stuff that you would usually eat together *rolls eyes*. So I am just curious; these cravings and strange dislike of certain foods that I usually love will go away after the baby is born, right? Right????   

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We can only be certain of one thing; God's presence

I'm not sure how to write this post. You other paramedic, ems wives know that our husbands do their job with the risk of their own safety being compromised. Sometimes people try to fight them when they are just trying to help. Anyway, *Sigh* all is well right now but needless to say I was a little shook up when he told me what happened. Thankfully my mom has perfect timing, she called me right after I hung up with B and comforted me (mommies are the best at making you feel better). I can't wait to see him when he gets home in the morning and give him a big hug and kiss. It made me think really, really hard though.

I think that it is very easy for us to become complacent when we are so blessed and we have so much that God has given us. I realized tonight that the only guarantee that we have in life is that God will never leave us. I have struggled often with the question of why God could let us go through trials, and great sorrows that threaten to tear our hearts to pieces. But I know now that God hurts when we hurt, and one day He will make everything right. We will have no more pain or heartache; instead we will enter into the presence of our Great God and Savior. More and more I am learning to trust in His Sovereignty. He holds everything, and He sure isn't letting go of me,  "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified... for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6. I am so glad that I am God's girl. I think this lesson is going to stay with me. God is so much bigger than me; greater than I can imagine. I am but dust. Yet He still remembers me. He stills reaches for me. He still loves me. Lord, thank You for loving me.

Give me eyes to see more of who You are,May what I behold still my anxious heart,Take what I have known and break it all apart
For You, my God, are greater still
And no sky contains,no doubt restrains all You are,the greatness of our GodI've spent my life to know that I'm far from close to all You are,the greatness of our God
Give me grace to see beyond this moment here,to believe that there is nothing left to fear.That You alone are high above it all,
And You, my God, are greater still
And no sky contains,no doubt restrains all You are,the greatness of our GodI've spent my life to know that I'm far from close to all You are,the greatness of our God
To all You are, the greatness of our God
And there is nothing that could ever separate us,No, there is nothing that could ever separate us from Your love.
No life, no death, of this I am convincedYou, my God, are greater still.
And no words can say, or song convey all You are,the greatness of our God
I'll spend my life to knowthat I'm far from close to all You are,the greatness of our God

No sky contains,no doubt restrains all You are,the Greatness of Our GodI'll spend my life to know and I'm far from close to all You are, the greatness of our God
to all you are the greatness of our God 

So give me eyes to see more of who You are

-Natalie Grant 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Holding your hand is the best thing in the world"

I LOVE Fall! it has to be my favorite season of all. I like to hear the crunch of dead leaves under my shoes as I walk along, and to feel a cool, crisp breeze on my face that hints at the coming winter. But not yet, right now the trees are wearing their very best and I'm just admiring the show. Today was so beautiful. The sky was a crystal blue and blazed against the red, gold, and orange leaves of the trees in our park. Some areas had already lost all their leaves but even the bare branches looked picturesque 

I was also happy to my walk with my favorite person in the world...
I take him for granted so much. He has taken care of me so well during this first leg of the pregnancy. Today I napped and he washed the dishes, made a pot roast dinner and ran to the store to get me a sprite. I seriously don't deserve him. 
Gosh, I haven't written a blog post in so long I feel like I've aged years lol. We attended a Love and Respect marriage conference this weekend and had a blast! it was so amazing to be able to learn about God's plan for marriage alongside our friends at SFBC. I would recommend to everyone to read the book and try to go to a conference; you won't regret it! 
God is showing me that I am so rich in love. Today the only thing I could think to say to him while we were walking was "Holding your hand is the best thing in the world" (cheesy huh?) his smile in return was amazing :)
He snapped this photo while we were walking though,
We were walking with the same steps <3

Also, we spent this past weekend with my family. I don't like the seven hour car drive as much while being pregnant (I think the motion is what does it). Needless to say I was ready to get out of the car by the end. It was so nice seeing my family, I think we went over a month this time without seeing them. My niece and nephew grow so much between the times that I see them! I don't like it :'( 
I definitely appreciate the time that I have with them now that I don't see them as often. I am so blessed to have them. 

I was just thinking about how when I tell people sometimes that my favorite season is Fall they reply, "Why? everything is dying". You know, for us to have the beautiful flowers and tree buds in the Spring, the old has to pass away first. Just like our lives; the old (habits, fears, sins, etc.) have to pass away first before the Spring of God's will can be present in our hearts.... hmmm that's something to think about. Maybe this season when I clean out my house for a new year I need to be preparing my heart too.

"God, open my arms so that I let go of the past and prepare for the future you are building."


Saturday, November 5, 2011

"For You created my inmost being..."

God, how great is the love that You have lavished on my heart. You saw the best in me when I lost hope of seeing the sun again. How can you find me a worthy vessel of Your Glory, Your Majesty? Yet, you choose me as an instrument to bring Your miracle into this world. You have plans, great plans for the life of this one. Even now You see his or her face and You are overwhelmed with inexpressible love. Thank You for making a Way for this little one. They belong to You. Strengthen me so that I point this precious child to Your throne. Set in them a burning passion for You, an unquenchable thirst that keeps them seeking Your face all their days. Mold me into this woman called "mother" an image of your compassion and care. Give me only kind words to speak and welcome arms for the comfort of their pain. Lord, I find that nothing is possible without Your Spirit so let Him lead my heart. Let Him show me what it is I have been created for, and protect my heart from the lies of the evil one. Cover us with Your wings, our hope is found only in You. Thank You for the breath that You give us everyday; let our lives be a sweet fragrance to You, our God and King.
Your Daughter (soon to be mother) 

"For you created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb.
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful,
I know that full well. 
My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be. How precious to me are Your thoughts O, God!"
Psalm 139: 13-17