Friday, November 16, 2012

Enough already!

This is what I brought down from my attic today, with my own two hands.

(B was super proud of his woman for being so courageous to get it down myself. My motivation? it was waking the baby up from her nap. Sleep deprivation won out over fear this time, tee hee :)  That brings the grand total to 4 squirrels and 2 raccoons. They should have been paying rent for all the trouble they caused me. I mean seriously is there a sign on my roof saying all furry critters live here or something? Sheesh.
On another note, tomorrow B is taking me Christmas decor shopping :D
On another another note he is trying to get a part-time gig close to home :/ happy but nervous at the same time. Gonna be a lot of working.
I miss my man friend!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Things I am currently obsessed with

A little list of my current obsessions :)

The Pioneer Woman: Love, love, love her show and blog! Great recipes, and fun sense of humor. They live on a huge cattle ranch (which I am totally jealous about!) and her photography albums are amazing. Check out her site here. ( I pulled this pic from the Food Network's website by the way)

Bolthouse Farms Chocolate Protein Plus Smoothie
Can't get enough of them. Creamy. Chocolatey. Need I say more?

Late July Organic Cookies:

They are cookies. Possibly the best cookies in the world.

This Show: Nashville

This Song:

And these leg warmers:
Love most everything in Athleta

Just my little girly blogpost of the day. Continue with whatever you were doing ;)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Things are a little squirrelly around here

Well, the day started out quiet enough, then things got a little... furry. I think I mentioned that we had an unwanted visitor in our attic. Turns out we had MULTIPLE unwanted visitors in our attic. About three days ago I called our animal control guy and asked him to come out again. He removed a raccoon for us about seven months ago. This time he did a sweep of the whole roof outside to see where it was coming in since we had patched up a hole that we thought they were coming through. Didn't take him long to find a gaping hole in our roof where the extension of our house meets the garage. It had basically caved in. He brought me outside and told me to climb up the ladder to look at it. Definitely big enough for a coon to get in. Just what I wanted to find out. Not. Anyway they patched up as much as they could before dark and set up some traps outside and inside. Yesterday they came back with no luck but could see and hear a squirrel in our attic. Apparently the coon had chewed it's way through patch in the roof to make it's escape. The only consolation I had was knowing they had obviously found where they were coming in so once we got everything out we shouldn't (fingers and toes crossed) have anymore problems. So back to today. I was going out to our storage room (you have to pass through it to get to our garage) and a squirrel scurried out in front of me, scaring the snot outta me. I screamed and ran into the house, all the while frantically telling my husband on the phone what was happening. He tells me to run back out there and open the garage door to let it out. I'm moaning and groaning because I don't know, small furry creatures scare the snot out of me so I didn't want to go back out there. But like the brave woman that I am I grabbed my dad's old bat that was lying on a box and went to the garage to open the door. After that I went around the front of the house so I could check and see if it would come out. I just happened to look up at our roof while I was passing by and saw this:

He hunkered down as low as he could. I guess trying to hide from me the best he could in the cage. You know finally seeing what had been waking me up every night (scratching and such above my bed) in the cage wasn't as satisfying as what I imagined it would be. I felt kind of sorry for him. It gives me a squeamish feeling thinking of being trapped and no way to get out. I'm glad the guys take them out into the country and let them loose.When the animal control guy got here he took him down and brought him around front while he tried to find the squirrel in the house.

He was a big coon. The guy said the biggest he's seen in a while. I sat on the porch and watched him. He was pawing at the ground, flipping over, and standing on his head trying to get out. He would pause and then grab an acorn from the ground and chomp it down before trying to escape again haha.
Now this brings me to the last story. I took Mr. Animal Control guy through my house and to my garage so he could find our other pesky house guest and I asked him if he wanted me to open the garage door so he could see better. He said sure. The door opens and lo and behold the little guy goes running for his life... straight towards ME. I am not joking when I say that it ran between my legs while I was hopping up and down and screaming like a little girl. Mr. AC told me quickly, to close the door to the house and I vacated the premises. I know now to leave things to the professionals. I'm just glad my husband wasn't home to witness the scene that I made. I'm sure Mr. AC had a hilarious story to tell his family when he got home tonight. *Sigh* I swear I'm not usually like that guys.
Anyway, Mr. AC is like the Crocodile Hunter or something because he caught the little guy with his hands. He also informed me that we had TWO in the garage. So he will be back again tomorrow. Wonder how much $$$ this is going to cost. At least B will be here. Me thinks I'm just going to sit back on the couch and not move until all of my forest friends are gone.  I don't think anyone will accuse me of being a bad hostess.

Sunday Morning :)

Ah! I am sitting here on a beautiful Sunday morning, listening to the birds and thankful for the sweet time that I have with family :) 
B came home last night from his late over-time shift (nearly a 72 hour work week in 3 days :/ ) and S just stared at him like "Where have you been?" we hadn't seen him since two nights before. It was so cute and kind of sad he came up to her and she grinned really big and then watched while he ate his supper. Her mouth was open the whole time, completely speechless. It cracked him up. So later we were trying to get her to sleep for the night, he sang to her and slowly her eyes closed. But every time he would stand up to put her in her crib her eyes flew open and her forehead wrinkled. That little girl was not going to let her daddy out of her sight again! haha we were finally able to put her to sleep though.
Usually in the mornings when he is home she'll fuss a little and I'll bring her in bed with us as a last attempt to get more sleep. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. But when I wake B up to get her settled down the little rugrat is happy to snuggle with dad ;)

A few weeks ago B was sitting with her on the couch (again, after working a lot) and she just turned around and grabbed his face and was staring at him. She loves her daddy
(I had to snap the pic real quick cause she moved when I looked at her)
I swear my husband is the baby whisperer. I'll have a screaming fit on my hands and he comes along and does this:
They are so cute together. She's a definite daddy's girl. Don't get me wrong. She loves me too. After all I feed her:
But then I go and do stuff like this:
"Seriously mom? Stop trying to teach me motor skills and just give me the dang bottle! you know I can't pick this up!"
And this:
"I know you think this is a hilarious photo op but one day you will be in a wheelchair and see if I help you get up then, mom." ;D

But seriously, she's my little buddy and I love having her around

Hope you all are having a great Sunday Morning! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ch-ch-changes :)

In case you haven't noticed I have made some changes to my blog. I thought since I was entering into this new chapter of life that I would give it a facelift :) it's not exactly to what I want it but I am just thankful I was able to get done what I did since I have a teething 6 month old haha. With the way things I have moved around I'm hoping that I can be more organized and focused with my posts and write more often. I've found myself holding off on posting because I wanted to make changes to the site and so I figured I should bite the bullet and just sit down and do it. Let me know what ya'll think because I am not tech savvy at all and it was a challenge for me! Anyway, happy Saturday!