Friday, January 24, 2014

Let's take it a step further

So in my last post I discussed how I've realized there is a big learning curve when it comes to relating to a spouse that is in EMS. Since then I have read a couple of really good articles that have added to my head knowledge concerning this matter. The first one a fellow Paramedic wife showed me, and the very next day when my husband came home he was pulling it up for me, saying they were all so true! lol the link for it is here. This lady definitely knows what she is talking about since she is a former Medic she has "been there." The second article is about a topic that I have been wanting to research closely because I think it is a major factor in why marriages in this line of work take a real beating. It's called Burn Out or more specifically Post Traumatic Stress. This has been on my heart lately because I feel like as a wife I need to be acutely aware of my husband's emotional, and mental health with work. They endure so much every shift with all of the highs and lows in adrenaline, and then with what they see. It's enough to make any person exhausted. So here is the link for that.  It is a long article but definitely worth the time it takes to read it. I'm bringing all of this up because I'm seeing my focus shifting. I don't want to just survive everyday in my marriage and life. I'm not saying that things are bad. They are actually very good, but if we aren't careful we can become complacent. And I think that is a very dangerous place to be.

My friends I want to take things a step further. In my life and in my marriage. What better time to start then at the beginning of a new year! There aren't very many resources I've found for couples in our position. But I found one that I am wanting to dive into and that is The Love Dare. If you have never heard of it it's based off the movie Fireproof. It's not designed specifically for EMS spouses but I feel like it is a perfect fit. The whole movie is about true, committed love. And that is exactly what is needed for our calling! It's a forty day challenge that I admit I am most nervous about embarking on but I think it will be oh so worth it. So that is the challenge I am giving myself. 

Are you looking for a change too? What are you going to do about it? I would love to hear what you want to aspire to in the new year!

Until next time,


Prudent Wisdom said...

I started the Love Dare challenge several times but never finished it =0( I am not consistently disciplined enough to do something repetitively without someone holding my hand. It's hard and it gets tough, some of my friends survived it and said it was so worth it!! So I wish you the best of luck. Be sure to blog your journey and keep us posted on how you are doing. As far as changed in my neck of the woods.....I am making SEVERAL changes, for the better ;-)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Loved that movie and the book! I'm so proud of you for shifting your focus as you say and staying on alert, not becoming complacent. You're doing a great job in the position God has placed you in. Best of all, you clearly have a teachable spirit, which will always help you to be a winner :)

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend of a paramedic we did the love dare... loved it !!

Anonymous said...

why is it always the wife that has to be understanding and considerate of the husband simply because he is a paramedic. He chose this career and he chose to do this to our family. He should live with the consequences of being tired and overworked. I should not have to over extend myself because of his midlife career change.