Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Days :)

We are having a nice lazy summer here :) B was actually off for Father's Day, and while we didn't have a big event it was so nice to just have him home. Our little lake is a nice getaway for us. We enjoy walking on the little beach, watching S play on the play set, and swinging on large wooden swings while watching the sun set. My sister and her friend stayed with us for a week and it was such a sweet time of fellowship. 


I am soaking up this sweet time for our family. I hope that your summer is splendid as well! 


Friday, June 13, 2014

Blauer Tactical Boots Review

We received a pair of boots from Blauer for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are our own.

If there is one thing you can be sure of in the EMS profession it's the long, hard hours that wear on you physically and mentally. And if you've been working in EMS for any length of time you also know that with those long hours comes wear and tear on your gear and uniforms. Around here we try to make things last as long as possible so we take extra care of my hubby's gear, especially his boots. When we were presented with the opportunity to try out a new product from Blauer we were excited at the chance and we are more then happy to share our experience with you, dear readers!

Blauer has been around for over 75 years in the business of providing top of the line quality in Police, Fire, and EMS gear. Because of their commitment they strive to provide a product that is both functional and of the best quality in material. The boots we received were nothing short of this expectation. If you would like to learn more about Blauer and other products they offer you can check out their website at

Although I like to think I was just as excited to see the boots when they arrived on our doorstep as my hubby, I'll let him tell you about his experience with the boots and his thoughts ;)

Hey everyone! I'm going to take over Liz's page for a minute and tell you about the product I was able to try out. So the particular boot that I decided to test is a waterproof model. The Blitz 8" Waterproof model to be exact. You can see all of the specs at this link 

When seeing the boots for the first time they appeared to be on the bulky side so I was curious to see how they would perform. However, upon wearing them I was pleasantly surprised to find out how comfortable they were for the size of the boot. They were also very light, more so than other water proof boots that I have worn in the past.   Unlike other new boots that I have worn I had no blisters or soreness in the first few days while breaking them in which was so nice. I credit all of the padding in the boots for this as they seemed to be cushioned in all of the right places. 

They also exceeded my expectations for being water proof. I wore them for three weeks on night shift and encountered very rainy weather, trudged through the mud in ditches and they were very durable. They didn't even seem to scratch easy. The sole I believe is excellent. Very strong and durable in the short time that I attempted to torture it. The grip is very good as well. A very rubbery, almost stickiness to it.  Most boots with this sort of grip always seem to lose its "stickiness" where this boot did not.

The boots are also very warm.  Sometimes too warm for our weather here in the South during late Spring, and Summer. That's the only downside that I could see to the boot but that is my personal situation.

These boots also had new lacing technology that I actually liked more then I thought I would. 

It works very smoothly. I loved being able to pop it out and immediately could kick them off at the station. 

Only issue was putting them on when we got a run. At first I didn't mind twisting them on but after several runs it got a little annoying at 3 in the morning when everyone else was sleeping to hear the ticking sound of putting it back on. It did become a running joke at the station that everyone could hear me getting ready lol. It took quite a bit longer than a zipper to put back on. But it wasn't that bad. Overall I loved the idea of it. Much more comfortable not having the zipper on the side of the boot and the cable or cord that tightens up the boot did so in an even manner. Though sometimes due to the heat it would have been nice to just loosen up the upper part of the boot by itself. Yet, again I do realize that is situational due to my climate.

 Probably the least important analyses of the boot would be the appearance and look of the boot. Everyone will have a different opinion of the boot but I personally originally thought the boot was not the prettiest boot. But after wearing the boot for hours and hours I don't mind the looks. The performance of the boot outweighs the looks any day and I am more about practicality than looks.

Overall I do like the boot. Anyone looking for a waterproof, strong, durable, warm, lightweight boot with a touch of modern technology, this is an excellent choice. If you are in a warm climate like me this might not be your first choice for a traditional all-weather boot. But in the winter time this will be the boot that I wear. I hope this helps anyone in search of their next field boots.

-Liz's Medic

*Again if you would like to see this particular pair of boots or any of the other products they carry just check out Blauer's website at

Thursday, June 12, 2014

More updates coming soon!

I have so missed writing this past month and I am so excited about the future on this blog as I am carving out more time to devote to it. Thank you for all of your faithful support in reading it and for the sweet emails that I receive from all of you. It truly touches my heart! Please stay tuned as I continue to make changes and bring more posts to you.

God Bless!